How to Generate Leads from Websites?

Total training hours: 7.0 Hours | 10.00am to 6.00pm

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Receive a Certificate of Completion when you complete the workshop.

Workshop Objective:

Learn about Internet Marketing, how Lead Generation works. Understand why you're not Generating

Leads from your Website. Learn how to Generate Leads with Free to use Softwares.

Course Modules:

1. Introduction to the workshop (30 Min)

• Why are we here today?

• What is Internet Marketing?

• Buyer's Journey on the internet

• Marketing Strategy on the internet

2. What domain name should you have for your business (15 Min)

• Guide on how to purchase

• Type of domain names you should choose

• Learn why this is one of the most effective the lead generation methods: Buying the right domain

• Optional for participants to purchase

3. Guide to Internet Marketing: Websites (45 Min)

• 9 techniques to double your landing page conversions

• 5 Tips to better Internet Marketing

• 3 Keywords that will help you generate more leads

4. Brainstorm + Discussion + Consultation Session (60 Min)

• What are 3 offers you can make for your business?

• How to build your leads and audience online

• Misconceptions to lead generation

5. Learn about Lead Conversion (60 Min)

• 3 ways to increase sign ups

• 3 tips to increase click through rates

• How you can apply this in your own marketing campaigns

6. Learn why design plays a crucial role in Lead Generation (90 Min)

• Designing 2 stunning graphics during the workshop (30 Min / Graphic)

• Free design software, you just need a web browser!

7. How you can build a lead generating website (120 Min)

• No coding knowledge required

• Free & Paid Options for web based lead generation

Some generous testimonials from our participants:

Charmaine provided relevant examples to explain marketing strategy from various industries.
- Melisa Leung

The course is very enriching & I have benefitted much from the course. Charmaine is very knowledgeable on the subject & very patient in teaching us.
- Tan Soh Tin

About the Trainer

Charmaine, is the Founder and Creative Director of Sky Digital Agency.

She founded her very first start up in 2010, till date she has founded 3 companies, and helped many start ups in their journey of finding and making an impactful and meaningful presence online.

Many clients may know her as the Founder of Clee Designs Creative Agency. which rebranded as Sky Digital Agency in 2015.

Charmaine is passionate about design and digital marketing, and she is even more passionate about sharing these knowledge with her Clients, and other Business Owners.

Quoting her at one of the workshops:
"There is a reason why we offer workshops at our agency, this is how we differentiate our Clients from their competitors. By training them, so they do not make the mistakes others do on internet and digital marketing.

I hope to change the mindset of Internet and Digital Marketing being expensive. Internet and Digital Marketing is not expensive if you know your products and services inside and out. And there are many FREE tools to help you to grow your business."

So if you have been losing leads in your Online Marketing, here's a workshop to help you understand about lead generation better.

Take action today!
Start capturing leads for your business, and learn how you can get x3 higher engagement and x2 more conversions on your internet and digital marketing efforts today.


1. Who can i contact should i have questions?
You may e-mail us at workshops@skycrm.asia

2. When will i receive my certificate of completion from Sky Digital Agency?
We will be asking for your details at the end of the workshop, and the certificate will be mailed to you within 5 to 7 working days after the workshop.

3. Is there a minimum class size to proceed?

Yes. We require a minimum class size of 4 people to proceed with the class.

In the event that there is insufficient participants, we will provide our participants either a reschedule date for the class or provide a full refund.

4. Where is the venue of the workshop?
Waterloo Centre, 261 Waterloo Street, Level 4, Singapore 180261

5. What are my transport options getting to the event?

Nearest MRT Station(s):
Bras Basar (Circle Line) - 2 to 3 mins walk
Bugis (Green Line) - 7 to 10 mins walk

For drivers, parking is available in the building's basement.

Will you be taking action today?
Start capturing leads for your business, and learn how you can triple your engagements and double your conversions on the internet today.

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Mon Jan 16, 2017
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM SGT
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261 Waterloo Street, Level 4
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261 Waterloo Street Singapore
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